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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 16, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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$0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you're looking for the best videos from the web, this is your show, "right this minute." double bus trouble as a deer rockets through a windshield and a teenager tries to tell a driver -- >> that his hand was stuck in the doors. >> see the frantic move to free himself as the bus takes off. a traffic tie-up in taiwan as people try to pass a slow poke, but one guy discovers -- >> the gap isn't big enough. >> how he found out the hard way.
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a newborn lamb is nearly blown into the sea, until a hero -- >> picks this wee little lamb up. >> what happens when they find the rest of the family? and the l.a. beast takes on the dog food challenge. >> nick said, how bad could it be? >> see why nick is about my goodness. i have two very scary moments to show you guys. this first one is in florida. the video picks up right as the doors to this city bus are closing. right outside trying to get into the bus is 14-year-old jerry cunningham. before he can get on the bus, the doors close. then you see him running, sort of knocking out the door. then he just disappears. you think, well, was he trying to get in the bus? no, he was trying to alert the bus driver that his hand was stuck in the doors. the bus driver didn't stop.
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even though you see these women trying to tell him that he's there, you see him running as fast as he can next to the bus, and then he trips, falls, and he is run over by the bus. at that point, the bus driver finally stops the bus, gets out of his seat, and everybody is very frantic. we have some of the 911 calls that came in about this incident. >> he was running alongside the bus. i told the bus driver to stop and he wouldn't. >> unfortunately, jerry was taken to the hospital in critical condition. he suffered head fractures, a broken jaw, ankle, ribs, and a collapsed lung. >> the family's lawyer talked to wplg. >> taking an extra second to make sure that everyone who is supposed to be on the bus actually gets on the bus is the job of the bus driver. >> is the bus driver in trouble? >> at this point the bus driver has been placed on
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administrative leave, and there will be an investigation to determine what exactly happened. another scary moment caught on security camera on a bus was this one right here in pennsylvania. >> whoa. >> it's a deer. >> a deer jumps in the way and crashes through the windshield into the bus. >> wow. >> good thing it didn't come through the driver's side. that would have landed right in his lap. >> you still see the deer fighting frantically inside. he doesn't know where to go. obviously, he's disoriented. >> this poor thing is trying to find any way out possible. >> fortunately at this point, only the bus driver and one other passenger are in the bus. eventually the deer does find his way out the doors. of course, you can imagine how freaked out those two people were. guys, if i were to tell you
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that you were about to watch this video of these two dudes going on a hike, you'd be like, steven, they're in scuba gear. but yes, they are about to hike here in the mountains of norway. where they are going to hike, my friends, is under water. watch this. here's where they pop on down in. they're upside down on the frozen ice that's on the surface. they're jumping and immediately being pulled back to the surface, which is beneath them because they're flipped upside down. then they change it up. they grab big, heavy boulders, head down to the sea floor, and continue their hike. >> they don't have scuba gear. they're just holding their breath. >> you see them going up for air from time to time. >> but they're still down there a really long time between breaths. >> that would be a tough hike on land. >> they caught all this on go pro cameras, of course. >> the shots look like they're walking on another planet.
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>> how are they not freezing? that is really cold water. they're making it look like they're in cancun. >> pretty sure they are freezing. dash cam time. this one trending in taiwan. keep your eye on the car up ahead. the black car moves to the left because there's a slow-moving vehicle in the right lane, which apparently this guy missed. >> oh, snap. >> guy on a scooter looks like he may have been trying to get ahead of the car with the dash cam to get around this truck. he realizes the gap isn't as big as he thought, hits the brakes. front wheel slides out and down he goes. he does have a helmet on, but he definitely got scraped up in this incident. >> he popped right back up and starts having a conversation with one of the guys from this truck. >> yep. >> wow. he got himself good though. he rolled his elbow on that pavement. >> he's got some road rash for sure. >> the only thing that's protecting his does
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em help him from bouncing his noggin off the pavement. the helmet wasn't on that well. probably should get a better helmet. this next one happens quick. >> oh, you see the people in the car. >> you do. the camera flips around, and you see the people in the car. they appear to be okay. okay enough for the driver to put that smoke right back in his mouth. it got knocked out by the impact. >> it didn't even seem to faze him. time for a wee little rescue. a couple people out walking around. they notice a little lamb. >> just a little guy. >> oh, wow. >> right there kind of stuck in the rocks right byd]
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no idea how the little guy got out, but look. there's mama. and a brother or sister not much larger. >> oh, yeah. there you go. you know, this is just a theory, but do you think the girl who's filming this is named mary? it is a little lamb, and the lamb's fleece is white as snow. >> it was uploaded by someone named karen. >> she's a descendent of mary. a group of men take their sledge hammers to a souped up car. >> that is a beautiful black maserati. >> wait, why? are they -- oh. >> we've got the story behind all the smashing. and she's the little girl who could do some very heavy lifting. >> are you strong? >> yeah.
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>> okay. >> is she an amazon or wonder
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i have to warn, this video can be very difficult to watch. it's going to be especially difficult for you, nick. that is a beautiful black maserati, and those are sledge hammer-wielding men. >> wait, why? are they -- oh. >> there's so many people there because this is happening at an opening ceremony for an international car show in china this past weekend. >> with every little hit from the sledge hammer, i'm hearing money sound effects. cha-ching. >> believe it or not, the owner of this car hired those men to smash his car. >> he's paying these people to do this? >> uh-huh. >> i'm sure you're wondering why. apparently this man in china
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thought that the local dealer was providing poor service. he claims that he had the car repaired and they used refurbished cars, which he didn't like. the insurance ended up siding with the dealership. this is how he showed his frusation. >> that's the stupidest thing i've heard in my entire life, and i couldn't be more angry about it. >> must be nice if you're the owner of this vehicle. obviously he's not living tight to the vest. >> how much is a maserati? how much are we talking about? >> $420,000. >> i feel sick. i feel like you. hello, what's your name? >> you're looking at little 5-year-old ariana. she's about to prove to us that she's stronger than all of us put together. >> are you strong? >> yeah. >> okay, let me see. >> whoa.
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>> wait a minute. what's going on here, beth troutman? >> ariana lifted a car. >> i can explain. a very strong 5-year-old who knows her strength. >> is she an amazon or wonder woman? >> that's dad behind the camera. we actually talked to dad. dad said he talk all of the necessary precautions making sure ariana was safe but he won't reveal his secrets. >> that means her three grown brothers sat on the front fender. it made the back go up. >> i think the secret is she has superhuman strength but he's not going to reveal it because he doesn't want the world knocking at his door so she can save it. >> so what's going on with the front of the car? >> we don't see the front of the car. >> we see everything we need to see. >> she doesn't only lift the car up one time. a little struggle with the
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second lift, but she's tired. >> you save a little money on going to jiffy lube. get the kid out there to change the oil. handy. >> oh, good job. sir archibald does not want to come out. watch where he is. >> what? >> his owner says that he likes to get under there and not come out. so they used a can of tuna to lure sir archie out. as you can see, it's not working. he's just grabbing it with the paw and pulling it back. >> it's like a tuna can tug-of-war. >> at one point they say sir archie has two paws out. they grab the paws and pull him out. it took about 20 minutes to get him from under there. they said they put t-shirts in there so he wouldn't get back in. for some reason, he managed to get back in there. the second video i'm showing you, we're going to the ducklings.
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one-day-old ducklings. up an elaborate play area for them. they're just hopping over the boxes. >> it's like chuck-e-cheese for ducks. >> a good name would be chuck-e-duck or duck-e-cheese. bears like you've never seen them before. >> you can see what's in that bear's teeth. >> yes! >> you can almost smell his breath. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a mountain biker has a little problem getting up the hill, so he -- >> tosses his bike down and has a lot of choice words. >> see the funny temper tantrum on the trail. and a trip through peru and bolivia becomes a stop-motion journey. >> what's fascinating is the woman we se in veo not move in the frame. >> the man behind the motion tells us how it's done.
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>> it's not as hard as it looks like. ♪
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[ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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♪ [ roars ] [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ welcome back to the show, everybody. don't forget to check out great videos all darn day long. enjoy! you've heard of road rage. how about some trail rage? and this man's rage is really with himself and his bike. what you're hearing is these guys talking in swedish. hans is filming robert.
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robert having a little problem getting up the hill. >> [ bleep ]! >> he tosses his bike down and has a lot of choice words to say to himself. >> [ bleep ]! [ speaking foreign language ] [ bleep ]! >> apparently that was his third try getting up the hill. here's attempt number four. >> [ bleep ]! ah! >> that time he got really, really close but then tosses his bike. he also has some issues with his bike helmet. hans is loving this. >> he just like threw it off into the woods. >> [ bleep ]! >> instead of going up, he goes back down, continuing to insult himself. >> [ bleep ]! >> here comes attempt number five. >> with no helmet this time. >> barely gets anywhere. you can tell he wants to throw
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the bike again. >> [ bleep ]! ahh! ahh! >> this here is the definition of insanity because he's expecting a different result and he's not getting one. i've got a wildly fascinating travel video for you guys. this is put together by a polish company called time lapse journey. it's set to a song called "m song" by sound roll. what's fascinating is marta, the woman we see in this video, does not move in the frame. she's perfectly framed in every single shot as she stop-motion journeys through all these scenes. >> it's as if she is standing
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still and the world is moving around here. >> i've watched this over and over. her husband, peter, shot this thing. he's joining us via skype to tell us a little bit about how he put this together. >> actually, it's not as hard as it looks like. it's making pictures at the same distance, always of marta and always the same height in the frame. we were just traveling for like two weeks through peru and bolivia and i thought it would be fun. >> how did you measure the distance between marta and the camera so precisely each time? how did you know where to place her in had the frame? >> it wasn't as precise as it looks like. it was a lot, a lot of work in post-production. of course, i tried to put her in the same place, but it wasn't that perfect as i wanted it to be. i made like 12,000 pictures total. i used only about 2500. one scene took me about 10, 15
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minutes sometimes. it wasn't easy because it had to be the same. but it was possible to do. >> did you actually haveis trip spending this entire trip taking pictures of your wife? >> actually, i wouldn't have fun not doing it. it was my first time in south america. i'm just amazed by this place. the people are so, so nice. >> out of all these amazing locations, do you have a favorite scene? >> it's hard to say sometimes, but this time i can say you cannot compare this to any other place in the world. none. nothing that you've seen before. guy in the forest stumbles upon something unexpected. >> this tire has a tree growing inside of it. >> so wait a second here. >> take a closer look at the freaky find next. you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. the metro red line in silver spring, maryland, had to shut down during rush hour. you're about to see why. >> oh! >> that's a fire that started on the rail underneath the train during rush hour that caused a complete stop of the metro red line, forcing other riders to get off the train and find alternate means of transportation. apparently they had shuttles set up for people. apparently it caused quite a bit of chaos for people.
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this is the commute home. this is when people are done with their day. >> how did it start? >> the montgomery county fire department did arrive on the scene. they said it could have been a problem with the insulator. as you can see, a couple of different explosions seem to happen in this video that was shot, you know, by some bystanders in a nearby building. the fire department was able to get this under control. there were no injuries reported. they were able to get service back up and running that same night. if we've learned anything about the man known as the l.a. beast, he eats a lot of stuff and he's a man of the people. >> i ask you the fans what you wanted to see me do. ding, ding, ding. dog food was the winner. >> in front of the l.a. beast, you see three cans of pedigree. he does consider himself half man, half beast, so he doesn't recommend eating dog food if you're human. >> it actually smells like my grandmother's house growing up. >> before you know it, he does
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finish up the first can. very rough, even scraping the can to get every last morsel. >> maybe he's holding his breath the whole time. >> i don't think holding your breath would help. the texture would be enough to send you over the edge. >> finishes off can number one. moves on to can number two. >> different pieces in there. >> then he gets on to can number three. >> this one tastes like chinese food. >> oh, no. >> he does take one gigantic bite as he looks like he's going into a convulsion. he even scrapes up the bits left. again, how bad could it be? have you seen what they make chicken nuggets out of and some of the processed crap we eat? i bet you it's not that far off from dog food. apparently now we have dog food. >> and it's the same brand! this is the best day
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>> go right for it! >> oh, my goodness. >> oh! >> it's really not that bad. >> you're thinking about another bite. >> he said he would do it. he did it. i'll give you credit. hi, i'm in norris, south carolina, right now, where this tire has a tree growing inside of it. >> so wait a second here. so -- okay. >> so he's getting a good close-up look at the numbers on the tire. >> 0-3-6-3. >> 1963. >> could be. but in any case, it appears this tire has been laying in the forest for quite a long time because take a look at how big the tree is growing inside this
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tire. >> i was inspecting the tire, and it has one hole right here. but it's not all the way through. it's still, like, attached everywhere else. as you're looking around it, there's no other hole. >> so the tire has been laying there. the tree starts growing, grows right up through the tire. >> i can't wait to see what happens 200 years from now. is this tree trunk just going to bust through the tire and there's going to be tire bits in he chances to have it grow right in the middle like that in. that's our show, everybody. that in. that's our show, everybody. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac -- [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic.
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they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos from the web, "right this minute." it's a savage attack as a customer is punched and stabbed. >> but look at the other two men in the store. >> what they did that has some people outraged. a fisherman trying to hook one finds out -- >> how that actually feels. >> the fishing accident that could have been so much worse. a chase ends in front of a house where an officer -- >> takes matters into his own hands. >> see a deputy's unusual banter
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